About History of The Human Sciences

History of Human Sciences is an interdisciplinary journal, founded in 1988, which publishes research and reviews that address problematics in the history of the human sciences. Our authors write as humanities scholars, social scientists and life scientists – and frequently cross between these epistemological domains.  We are especially interested in research that reflexively examines its own historical origins and interdisciplinary influences in an effort to review current practices and disciplinary assumptions, and to develop new research directions.

In the last quarter century, at least, the terrain of the humanities, social sciences, psychological and biological sciences has undergone significant transformation. Scholars are critically examining their traditional assumptions and preoccupations about human beings, societies, life, reason, animals, and minds, in light of developments and methodological transformations that cut across disciplinary boundaries. In light of this, we are interested not only in covering the history of established human sciences (including sociology, psychology, psychoanalysis, the neurosciences, anthropology, political science, philosophy, literary criticism, critical theory, art history, linguistics, and law), but exploring those of more recent ‘interdisciplines’ (such as the cognitive humanities, digital humanities, medical humanities, and all those fields prefaced with ‘neuro-‘). Submissions that consider the methodological, epistemological and/or genealogical relations between more than one of the human sciences are particularly welcome.

For questions about the journal, please contact one of the editors: Felicity Callard, Rhodri Hayward or Angus Nicholls.

For questions about review essays or book reviews, please contact book reviews editor Chris Millard. (Please note that, from March 2016, all regular book reviews will appear on the website rather than in the journal. Review essays will still appear within the journal.)

For anything about the website, including any proposals to write something for it (other than book reviews), please contact web and social media editor Des Fitzgerald.